Is b-One for me?

“Behind every behavior there is, or has been a positive intention”

We all start out with the best intentions to live life to the fullest! be independent, balanced and enjoy our family, work, friends and hobbies. So we  set goals, think positively, prioritize,  do lists, compartmentalize etc.. And it works… . And just when we start to relax and feel that we have a handle on things.. as though out of no where, when we were not looking, we are back with:

  • I am not where I want to be in my life
  • I am afraid if I say what I feel it will…
  • I can’t control  the “monkey chatter” in my head
  • I am anxious and I just can’t relax
  • I feel overwhelmed and out of balance
  • I worry constantly
  • I  am not happy with my relationships
  • I want something different!!

So we feel frustrated, beaten, defeated and hopeless, and yet on the other hand we feel a slight relief which comes in the form of “I knew it”, “what was I thinking”! Sounds familiar? We are back where we started, feeling  anger, dissatisfaction, restlessness, anxiety, overwhelm, blame or resignation.. and then the cycle start again…

How did did I get there? What happened? and what do I do now?

Usually, the common reaction to all these behaviors is to try and get rid of them.


The Good News is

You’re NOT alone! These behaviors are part of our survival strategy. It’s the behaviors we adopt so we can get through life the best we can. Yes, you actually designed it with a POSITIVE INTENTION.  You got where you got here in life, with all that you have because of this strategy.  And it has worked…up to now.

The Bad News is

Some of those strategies don’t work anymore! They are what’s keeping you in that vicious cycle.  Where and when did the strategy stop working? And,  why can’t you simply change it? The answer is simple. . You forgot that these behaviors you are trying to get rid of actually protect a part of you that is very precious. Just wanting to get rid of that behavior exposes that part of you and makes it very vulnerable.  In other words…You are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Is it starting to get a little clearer?

Where We Come in…

Like everything else in life, there comes a point that you choose to re-vamp, re-model, re-equip or upgrade.  However, , as Einstein so  brilliantly said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.  And this is where we come in! Together, we embark on a journey, with you at the helm, to uncover the patterns that are keeping you in the never-ending loop, discover the intentions that lie behind those patterns and give you the tools to make the changes necessary to move you forward.  Using b-One Coaching tools and techniques, we help you create new patterns that support your intentions so you can achieve your goals and live your dream life.

Is it clearer now?

The Challenge

Now, as we mentioned, this is a journey!  It may take some commitment to achieve your dream life.  All  you need to bring along is your willingness.  Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?  Let’s check in and see. On a scale of 1(not ready) – 10 (I’ll do anything), rate yourself on the following statements:

  • I am willing to clear the path and the fears that are blocking me
  • I am committed to being at the driver’s seat directing my life
  • I am ready to be effective and efficient
  • I am excited to be fully engaged and live my passion
  • I am committed to a life of balance between work, family and myself
  • I am ready to live free of fear
  • I am committed to be happy
  • I am committed to do what it takes!

If you rated yourself between 5-10 on any of the statements, then b-One Coaching will definitely work for you!!!

to take the step to live your dream…

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So how does it work, really?

Life is like a movie.

Movies are first thought about, then written, then filmed, edited and finally screened.  For the audience, the final film is the only reality.  There is nothing we can do to change that reality.  How many times did you call out comments to the TV, or had better ideas for the ending of a movie? Did it help?

Our reality, as it is right now, is exactly like the movie on the screen.  It is a result of thoughts, actions, decisions and choices we made a long time ago . . . There is nothing we can do to change reality as it stands right now.  So, what can we do?

First we need to accept our current reality as it is.  Just like we can’t change the movie we are watching, we cannot change what IS NOW.  What we can do is choose how to react to the NOW. That will make a tremendous difference in your life already.

Then, we plant the seeds for the next chapter of our lives, as in write the script for the next movie.  How can you make sure that the next movie won’t just be a repeat of the last one?

Changing our perspective.  Changing what we are focusing on. Changing our reaction in a powerful, sustainable way, from the inside!  Once we do that, we are free to create our future as we want it.

When we look at all the teachings, from the bible, to Buddhism, to new age, the one thing we find in common is the fact that we do not, and cannot control circumstances — whether it’s natural disaster or others behavior.  When we concentrate on trying to change the movie that is already playing on the screen in front of us,  we end up feeling helpless, frustrated and angry.  Sometimes we do something that we are sure will somehow change the result, and we think to ourselves – here I have control, just to realize in the next moment that life had other plans for us.  Has that ever happened to you?

The only thing you have control over is your attitude towards what is happening and planting the seeds for the future!

We don’t need to be a yo-yo in life’s game. All we need to do is change our focus from trying to re-write the ending for a movie that’s already playing, to planting the seeds,our reactions, behavior, beliefs and feelings NOW that will get us where we want to go later. It’s all about how we respond to the circumstances of our lives.

True, we have our automatic reactions. Some of us react in anger, others in fear, rationalizations or passivity.  We justify those reactions by believing that this is “who we are.”  But what if it’s not so?  What are you not focusing on when you focus on what is “real” to you?

What if, actually, how you react automatically is not who you are.  What if there are 7 different responses that you can CHOOSE from to interact with any situation that comes your way in life? What would your life be like then? What would be possible for you?

You ALWAYS have the choice of how to respond.

We give you the tools to choose your responses.

Are you ready to take the lead and drive your life?

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