The Coaching Process

The coaching process raises self awareness.

What is  self-awareness? It is in short how you see yourself, the world around you, people in your life and life in general.  It is the lens from which you experience life.

What happens to you in life, your results, are a consequence of the level of your self awareness. What does that mean?

The action that you take is a result of the thoughts and emotions that you experience about events. Those thoughts and feelings depend on the lens you are looking from.


By examining the lens behind these core thoughts, awareness increases the number of choices you have to respond to different situations that occur in your life.

As you know, when you change your perspective, you have a possibility to choose powerfully the life you would like to live TODAY!

The Core Element Process

a mirror that reflects your world

Simply put, with the Core Element Process you get a deep understanding of why you are feeling stuck, uninspired, and keep repeating the behavior that you swore that you will never do again!!
Engaging in this process let’s you gain instant clarity of what keeps you in the same cycle of anxiety, pain and loneliness. It then frees you to create a coherent plan of action to stop that way of life and  change the way you view yourself and the world around you.
Imagine what it’ll be like to get rid of the anxiety, stress, thoughts and familiar behaviors you live with.
Think about what you would gain if you knew why you find yourself again and again with the wrong man/woman; How come you are unable to stand for what you believe with power and confidence, and what causes you to live with pain and loneliness, not knowing what else you can do to get free.
And after you clearly see what these PATTERNS are, you are then able  to put a stop to them, and choose a new way!


What you will gain

There is a direct relationship between the level of self awareness and success.

b-One Coaching uses the Core Element process to unblock the hidden protective mechanism that is keeping you from enjoying your life today, from going to the next level in your job, your relationships and living life fulfilled and peaceful.

The Core Element process helps you tap and live from your natural powers and breakthrough old patterns with practical tools  to sustain results.

Using the Core Element process coaching you will:

    • Reach your goals with ease and excitement
    • Feel fulfilled and happy with yourself today
    • Make clear and powerful choices
    • Create the quality of life you always wanted



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