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When I started working with Yaelle, I was in a time of major flux. I had recently moved from NYC to a small town to pursue my spouse’s career goals. I had given up my own corporate law career to become full-time caregiver of my young daughter. Ultimately, I had lost my sense of self and had reached a resentful, lonely and desperate place. Working regularly with Yaelle was incredibly fulfilling and exactly what I needed. She gave me concrete tools to work through my challenges. I gained the skills to understand who I was, to honor who I was, to give myself a break once in a while. I gained important skills to understand that I was in control of my reactions to different life circumstances and that I could shape the outcome. We put these skills in action, working through real-life and potentially difficult situations – always resulting in positive results.

Yaelle’s own expansive life experience complements her skills as a life coach. No doubt self-exploration, re-examining my values, and digging down to my core are difficult tasks. Yaelle always provided me a safe and comfortable environment, but she also never let me take the easy route by just handing me the answers. I would whole-heartedly recommend Yaelle to anyone ready to go on this journey. It is eye-opening, empowering and life-changing.

Erica, 36, Lawyer/Mom


When posed with the question, “where do you see your life in five years?”, I began to realize that if I don’t take action, my life will most likely be exactly as it is in five years even ten years. Yes, some changes, like a larger family, a bigger house, a better job, a fancier car, but where will my life be? As I began to reflect upon my life, I realize that I keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. I am searching for peace but always feeling anxious, looking for love but always confrontational, yearning for freedom but always feeling trapped. I can honestly tell you that in the past three months of b-One Coaching, I have seen more of a positive change in my life than in the last five years even ten years.

I believe what worked with me in b-One Coaching was the ongoing sessions. For three months we practiced and practiced and learned tools that provoke change. Wow, I can have the larger, the bigger, the better, and the fancier, and I can have the peace, the love, and the freedom to make choices that work for me and give me results that work for me. Awareness of my anxiety and my patterns of interaction and communication have helped me move on to more intimate meaningful relationships. My relationship with myself and with my husband has never been better and my relationship with my children -my children are young and they tell me the honest truth, so I will take their feedback to me to mean that b-One Coaching has transformed our lives.

Sophia Lambrakis Madimenos / 38 / Speech-Language Pathologist

Over a three-month period, I managed to completely transform my self-image. I never imagined it would be possible. Working with Yaelle through this method, I became aware of the negative messages I was constantly giving myself. I am still giving myself messages every day, but without me even being conscious of them they are completely different and a whole lot more positive. I wake up every morning now with energy and feeling joyful and use the tools to choose my response every time I find myself dipping during the day. Thank you Yaelle for making such a tremendous difference in my life.

Y. 46,  Lawyer


First of all would like to say that Yaelle was not only very inspiring and knowledgeable, but  also very passionate and dedicated about the work. She made me feel comfortable and safe, 
which made my experience that much more enlightening.

Yaelle presented the work in a way 
that I easily understood and could easily incorporate in my everyday life. I would recommend this program to anyone serious about changing their lives. I truly believe that it 
would be a mistake to at least not question who you are, where you are going, and what you want from 
life. At b-One Coaching I was able to ask those questions and get those questions answered.

P.M. / 34 / Accountant

I didn’t expect that six sessions could be so empowering. You set up the sessions in a clear, dynamic, creative way, and in subtle and symbolic exercises you bring out our personal individual responses to the everyday interactions between us and the people we’re in contact with by drawing attention to our awareness.

The images of the Bee, the barrel, and the clear and explicit diagram of the energy levels are very powerful and stick in my mind. It was interesting for me to see how each one of us reacted to the exercises and how impossible it is to have a conversation when you’re in pain and discomfort. How to listen, really listen. Very valuable lessons.

V.Y. / 81 / Sculptor

Each session brought some piece of insight into my life. The awareness gained allowed me to move towards a place of acceptance and non judgment and peace. I am looking forward to the next sessions to continue the conversation.

Rolf Danielson / 41


What stands between us and happiness is our doubts and insecurities. Working with Yaelle helped me realize all the negative thoughts, doubts, the monkey chatter and fear that I was allowing to control me. I learned HOW to get out of my own way and not get in my own drams. I found compassion, patience and generosity in her coaching as she stuck with me and wouldn’t let me stay stuck. I now know happiness is a choice, a conscious choice, and choose it every day. Life no longer drives me. I am the driver of my life!

Virginia Allyn, 49, Entrepreneur


    Yaelle and her work have been an incredibly positive life force for me. She has taught me that I truly can shape my life, my relationships, my career and my family dynamics through setting intentions and manifesting the results that I desire. I have a newfound understanding for the patterns and mechanisms that I’ve devised since childhood up until this point as a way to avoid things that I am fearful of. Through Yaelle’s method, I’ve learned to keep the patterns that are helpful to me, and shed those that have been a hindrance in living my dream life.  I truly feel like a new woman, one who can live my life exactly as I wish without anything holding me back. Yaelle’s knowledge coupled with her strong intuition are rare, and she exhibits a great amount of compassion while maintaining a certain firmness that give you a net to push yourself, identify what you want to achieve, and get there.  Her techniques have helped me in a myriad of situations, from difficult conversations with my spouse to in a Board room of executives. There truly is nothing that you cannot achieve with Yaelle and her method in your toolbox.

Sheila L., 36, Lawyer


Before working with Yaelle I felt like a mouse with a permanently stepped-on tail at work and outside. I wanted to break some invisible barriers, which I felt were holding me from going after what I want and from my feeling good about my professional situation, my friendships and myself. The benefits of working with Yaelle are quite frankly many upon many. The most concrete and tangible result is that I gained the confidence to win a battle for a monetary raise at my job. I’ve learned to value myself in a new way and to demand my worth outside of work to a new degree as well. I’ve gained confidence and courage in a way I didn’t know them earlier. And I’ve learned to self-respect my person better. I now have the tools to work my way through difficult moments and days like I never was quite able to before. Today, whenever I feel confronted, under the gun, under pressure I go right for the challenge, knowing that I have the tools to handle any situation.

Mike W., Photographer


When I started working with Yaelle my biggest challenge was finding balance between work/family/children and ME. Yaelle’s coaching process was like a peeling off of blockages and fear that were ruling my life. With a newfound insight into the beliefs that were getting in my way, and feeling very supported, I was able to clean out a lot of these blockages and clear the path to a more balanced life.

Felicity M., 52, Pre–school principal


Yaelle’s method helps me set goals, which have allowed me to increase my business’ bottom line as well as have a better work-life balance. Each meeting, I leave with tools that I can implement immediately into my day-to-day operations. She is excellent at distilling the heart of any issue.  Yaelle is truly one of my most important assets as I grow my business and I would unconditionally recommend working with her.

Mark M., Real estate entrepreneur



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