Why would you pursue Happiness?

Who believes that happiness is a consequence of doing something right/good? Who thinks that Happiness is not really something you have; it's something you get as a reward, or as a result of a good deed? Do you ever ask to yourself if you deserve to be happy; ? This belief puts the pursuit of happiness somewhere out there,as something that we might, or might not get, depending if we … [Read more...]

What Will Make Resolutions Last?

Happy New Year from b-One Coaching!! 2012 is the year for living life to the fullest. We hope you have had a great holiday and we wish you a year full of passion, peace of mind and exhilaration! For so many people the new year comes with “Resolutions”. Do you ever wonder what happens to your resolutions a month into the new year? Why doesn’t it stick? What if it’s not about creating visions … [Read more...]

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