Personal Coaching and Workshops

Personal Coaching sessions are done in person or on the phone. Each session is 45 minutes and additionally the client has unlimited email communication with the coach. This allows for a consistent and flexible coaching relationship. In the initial session the client’s goals are clarified and an effective process is designed around it.

Our Workshops are designed to give participants the opportunity and support to take the tools and techniques and apply them in their life over a three month period consisting of 6 three hour sessions.

Whether you choose personal coaching or opt for the workshops, you will gain the power to shift unproductive thought patterns and transform them to new sustainable and productive patterns that will uncover the limitless possibilities that lie within you to achieve your desired results and live life passionately.

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Available Packages

Type Focus Sessions Cost
Personal Coaching Achieving your personal goals with customized one on one coaching. Four 45 min/sessions. Payable monthly. Contact us for customized packages that meet your needs.
Group Coaching Max. of 4 participants with similar goals will benefit from the synergy of group coaching. Four 90 min sessions for 3 months. Payable monthly. $200/month
Possibilities Workshop Max. of 15 participants will gain the knowledge and tools for continued personal growth in an Experiential/interactive workshop. Six 3 hour sessions. Once every 2 weeks for 3 months. One payment. $595 (includes ELI Assessment Free)
ELI Assessment Maximize your growth by assessing where you are at energetically and where you’d like to be. Online Assessment + 1 hour debrief. One Payment. $245
Potentials Workshop Take your personal growth to the next level. Gain tools and ability to create new barrels. Six 3 hour sessions Once every 2 weeks for 3 months. One payment. $595 (includes ELI Assessment Free)

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