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Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing,
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.


Yaelle Yoran, LCSW, PCP

I have always been fascinated by human interaction.  Why we do, think and feel the things we do.  How come different people react differently to the exact same events.  What stops us from living with passion and purpose?

My career has always been built around transformation: from fashion — designing clothes to transform the way women feel about themselves, to decorative painting — transforming discarded and simple pieces of furniture and rooms to beautiful pieces of art, and finally to coaching — changing people’s self- perception so that they soar to their highest potential.

My personal transformation began with coaching, through which I gradually broke the invisible constraints that had been keeping me from living up to my full potential. I changed my focus from looking for the solution outside of myself to finding it inside of me.  In the process, I examined my beliefs, reshaped my values, challenged my “truths” and created the life I want.  I am dedicated to help others discover, accept and clear their own paths, so they can experience their passion and purpose, and fulfill their highest potential both professionally and personally.

As well as being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma processing, using modalities such as EMDR, Internal Family system (IFS) and Sensorimotor psychotherapy, I am a certified professional coach, who is passionate about helping my clients discover their unique blue print  that the default response to life . Knowing our default responses allows us to start choosing our reactions to different situations in order to obtain the best results.  I am also a Neuro Linguistic Programing (N.L.P) Master Practitioner.  N.L.P is a powerful technology used to aid us in changing unwanted limiting beliefs and habits.  I am a certified conversational hypnotist, tapping into the unconscious allowing for a deep and powerful change.  In addition, I am trained in several releasing techniques such as the Sedona Method and EFT that allow my clients to access immediate relief from the daily stress.

In 2011 I created the Core Element method and  founded b-One coaching.  Incorporating aspects from all of my training and experience, I created a practical and effective system that result in sustainable change for my clients.  I offer individual and group business and life coaching services . My clients experience profound and permanents shifts in their patterns of behavior.  From personal experience I can attest that coaching can enable an individual to manifest his or her highest potential.  As a professional coach, I am committed to my clients living their dreams both professionally and personally.

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