My Dog Teaches Me Communication

My little Havanese, Mocha, and I have this ritual every day.  As soon as I want to leave the house

she runs over to me expecting me to take her with me, OF COURSE!  And I spend a few seconds petting

her and telling her to stay and that I’ll be back.  Then I give her a treat, she takes it and goes about her business, comforted that she knows I’m leaving and that this time, she’s staying home.  Sometimes though, in a rush or when my mind is pre-occupied, I forget to give her that reassurance and rush out of the door…only to get as far as a few steps before I hear her howling and crying (I’m sure in her little mind complaining that I forgot to say goodbye).

And so I turn right back, give her the comfort of saying goodbye sugar coated with a little treat and leave again, this time without the heart-wrenching howls!

Mocha reminds me every time, of the importance of communicating your intention.  Unless I have telepathic powers, no one can possibly read my mind and know my intentions.  How comforting it is when everyone involved in a situation, conversation or plan, knows clearly what my intentions is.  It is certainly more productive and can prevent a lot of unnecessary miscommunication and misunderstandings, heartaches and pain, if we simply get into the habit of communicating our intentions before hand.

In her unfiltered, unconditionally loving way, my little dog teaches me the importance of communicating my intention CLEARLY every day, reassuring me that she understands and will still love me when I come back home!

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