Why would you pursue Happiness?

Who believes that happiness is a consequence of doing something right/good?

Who thinks that Happiness is not really something you have; it’s something you get as a reward, or as a result of a good deed?

Do you ever ask to yourself if you deserve to be happy; ?

This belief puts the pursuit of happiness somewhere out there,as something that we might, or might not get, depending if we deserve it. It creates a formula that puts happiness as a variable, not a constant.

When Happiness is a variable, how accessible is it to you? How enticed are you to pursue it?

Well, what if this formula is erred? What if happiness is actually a constant? It’s actually always here for you to grab, no matter how “good” you are doing. What if it doesn’t depend on “deserving”? Does that change your attitude  towards pursuing happiness?

What if you are already happy, and you are just not paying attention!!!

Is happiness suddenly at your finger tips? can you taste it? feel it? see it?

This formula definitely opens the door for opportunities, does it not? Check it out and see for yourself:

Take a minute and sit quietly. Look inside and check your body response when you say to yourself: ” I will be happy when..(you know what to add, so add it)

Now take a deep breath, shake your body and sit quietly again. Look inside and notice what goes on in your body when you say : “I am happy”

What is different? Which experience empowers you more – happiness as a variable or happiness as a constant?

There is nothing you need to do to be happy!

it’s your choice! Have a happy day!!!

watch a little 10 minutes on happiness:



  1. I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extrmeley easy for me!

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