The WHY behind the why – THAT IS A GOOD QUESTION!!

The why behind the why is why we do the things we do.

A tongue twister ah? For those of us who like to go on mind trips, this is for you 🙂

When you were a child, do you remember playing, what I call “the why game” ? It simple, to everything the grown ups told you, you asked “why”? Do you remember how much fun you had?

What is that about? Well, as children, we always ask the right questions, and “WHY” is the most interesting and deep question!! (and they made fun of you for asking too many whys….)

So what are we asking exactly, when we ponder on the why behind the why? As in, For what purpose am I doing what I am doing?

We are looking at our INTENTION!!!!

It’s the driving force, this intention, it’s the fuel behind our actions. It’s WHY we do what we do when we do it!


There are conscious whys and there are unconscious whys;

When we consciously create our why – our “why” is HAPPINESS, PEACE OF MIND, FULFILLMENT… L O V E

Unconscious why is the purpose of avoiding the pain we felt in the past, and that intention, that driving force, dictates all our actions.

(no wonder we feel so empty, tired and sickly…)

So let’s go back to being children and play the game of WHY? What happens after five minutes of following with a “why” to every answer? After you feel the frustration and tire your mind of all possible “explanation”? What is left?

The answer pops up, and it’s clear:

“Because I said so”. because that’s the way it is.

Because I create my life, I choose my feelings, my thoughts, my actions.

The result is then : ACCEPTANCE – and then PEACE AND EMPOWERMENT.

So, when I lose my focus, the taste for what I am doing, I stop and ask myself, what’s the why behind the why? What’s my intention? I state it clearly, instantly I rejuvenate and my vision appears.

It gets me out of my rut and empowers me to move forward.

“Intention is the active power of attention. It’s the way we convert our automatic process into a conscious one”.


  1. Responses from my friends on faoocebk:MB writes: I start by analizing the cause and end up dealing with feeling down Or try to think of positives that have happened that day (3) or how this negitive might be positive, somehow. So basically, fumble around until I feel better . and I responded: Nice! I like the fumble part I often feel that way. and then JB responded: Shh fact is we all fumble around and LU topped it: Two words: Ice CreamEO writes:I go with do whatever makes you feel better, such as getting outside and running or walking fast , etc. The reason will pop into your head sometimes, and it can also just be a neurotransmitter blip. We all have trauma and loss reminders that can set us off. and I responded: Always reach for something that feels better is excellent advice.AFH writes:Personally I agree with Tim and I acknowledge that this is a pattern behavior for me. Sometimes I just wallow in it and blow off all my responsibilities. Guilt jumps in pretty fast to keep it under control and often I find its the abandonment of things required I really needed in the first place.

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