What Will Make Resolutions Last?

Happy New Year from b-One Coaching!! 2012 is the year for living life to the fullest. We hope you have had a great holiday and we wish you a year full of passion, peace of mind and exhilaration!

For so many people the new year comes with “Resolutions”. Do you ever wonder what happens to your resolutions a month into the new year? Why doesn’t it stick?

What if it’s not about creating visions that are filled with hope and…expectations?

What if you actually changed your focus to what the Intention behind the “resolution” is?

Concentrating on the Intention, the driving force behind any action you will ever take, will shift your vision from a “doing” to a purposeful state of “being”. An Intention opens the door to explore desire, ask deep questions and brings to the forefront of your consciousness, the “real” reason you resolve to do something. Consciously choosing your intention ultimately allows you to align your values with your actions to create the sustainable change you want.

So if you find some of the same “Resolutions” on your list as in previous years don’t despair. Consider the Intention behind them. Know that you have not failed to achieve your goal, and that You are instead in a position to explore Intentions and how you can have a new approach to a familiar goal.

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