A New Response To Life….It’s your choice!

The only constant in life is change.

How do you weather the changes in your life?

Just like the storms we’ve all experienced lately, changes in our lives can hit suddenly and without any warning or can be long foreseen and expected.  Either way we are impacted by the effects they have in our lives.  Whether it’s welcoming a child in our lives or saying goodbye as they leave for college, whether it’s changes in our careers or personal relationships, whether it’s a change in our health or loss of a loved one… how do you respond to the changes in your life? 

When faced with changes, what choices do you make and where do your choices stem from? How would you want to respond?  

When dealing with circumstances beyond your control, the one constant you can rely on is yourself and your “response-ability”.   

Volatile times, tragedies and opportunities, endings and new beginnings provide us the opportunity to re-invent ourselves.

What is your relationship with change? 

Do you find yourself resisting it and wanting to change it? 

Do you embrace the opportunity it offers to re-invent yourself, so you can live the life you want? 

b-One coaching helps you find a clear path in the storms of life and supports you in navigating your path to live the life you choose.

Join us at our private complimentary session, open only to a limited number of participants, where you will learn about the opportunity to re-invent your life and live your dream.

Thursday, September 15 in Whitestone, NY 

Thursday, September 22 in NYC

To join the session, please write us at info@b-onecoaching.com or call (718)747-6868. Please indicate the date you want to attend and we will send you the details. 

I am always and in all ways greater than I think…. I AM!


  1. These pieces really set a satndrad in the industry.

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